How The Universe Reminded Me About One Of Its Greatest Lessons—While I Was Washing My Frying Pan

I'll begin with letting you know I hate washing dishes.

To give you an idea of how much I dislike dishwashing, I've used Craigslist multiple times in order to hire someone to come wash my pots, pans, and silverware.

This isn't a mild hate.

I feel physical pain in my lower back whenever I'm standing by my sink washing dishes.

But I'm a man of responsibility; and part of maintaining a functioning home is keeping things clean — even if you don't enjoy doing so.

So I scrub.

I scrape.

I rinse.

And, I dry.

All because if I didn't, no one else would.

While I could hire someone from Craigslist, things can get sketchy real fast. 

For example, there was a time when I hired someone to clean my home and she — an older woman — scolded me for how "bad" my place was.

Um, excuse me?

You dare enter Castle Duke with such bad manners?

It goes without saying, she didn't last.

And, no, she wasn't right about how "bad" my place was; sure, it needed cleaning (which was why I hired her), but it was far from bad.

The reason reason why she was ranting was because she was an addict who wanted me to hire her for several days of work.

Uh ... nice try, lady.

Anyway, the point of all this is it's better for me to wash my own dishes (for now, until I can find someone trustworthy).

But how to go about this when I hate doing it?

Here's the trick.

This doesn't just apply to washing dishes, either.

You can take this dishwashing lesson and use it for anything you dislike doing — yet it's something you're responsible for taking care of.

This could be a task at work, a personal responsibility to a friend, or getting something done you've been meaning to do ... but you just haven't found the time.

I was ... I mean, the Universe reminded me of this lesson while I was scrubbing away at my frying pan.

As I rinsed away the soap, I thought to myself, "Okay, Ray, that wasn't so bad. And, look, you have a clean pan again! Oh, Ray, you're so amazing and good looking!"

After verifying what the universe told me, I realized I might've been dramatizing my disdain for dishwashing.

What brought me to this conclusion was the fact that I washed one dish.

Well, a pan. 

But you get the picture.

It was by doing one thing that I felt slightly relieved about the rest of the things I had to do.

It's less stressful to think about one thing at a time than it is to think about everything involved.

Washing dishes?

Aaaaaaaah, run for the hills!

Scrubbing a pan?

Well, okay, I can do that ... but once I'm done, that's it for me!

Completing your responsibilities in bite-sized chunks is way less stressful, intimidating, and challenging.

And that is the lesson the universe shared with me that day.

Take things step-by-step.

Don't brute force things.

Take life one "dish" at a time.

Whenever you're faced with some major responsibility, think: what's the one thing I can do right now that'd bring me one step closer to getting it done?

Do that one thing, and everything will be okay.

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