How I travel business class for free

One of the benefits of traveling the world while working online is using credit card points. My preferred card, Chase Sapphire Reserve, earns 3x points on anything travel related.

Which means I use it for pretty much everything. Coffee, Airbnb, hotels, and even restaurants. Over time, the points add up. Big time. I eventually end up being able to book flights and hotels for free.

Just recently I decided to do just that. Here's a flight I booked from Busan to Tokyo using points only. 

free business class raymond duke.png

The hotel I stayed at in Colombia. The views were spectacular... and I even had a teppanyaki grill in my room!

In 2017, I was able to live for an entire month using just points in Medellin, Colombia. Business class flights to and from were covered. And so was the 5-star hotel, The Charlee

So what's the catch?

You have to actually spend money to get points. But since you're already spending anyway, why not use credit? As long as you pay it back, the benefits are worth it — especially if you travel or plan to travel.

With the card I mentioned — Chase Sapphire Reserve — you can get 50,000 points (which are valued at $750) if you sign up using my link... but only if you spend $4,000 within 3 months.

Here's a workaround for that spend. Pay yourself or someone you know $4,000 using Stripe. The fees will be about $115, but you'll still benefit because that's $635 leftover.

Then, from that point on, use your Chase Sapphire Reserve whenever paying for something. This is especially useful when traveling, but works almost as well if you're not.

Additional perks of the card include Priority Pass access, $300 in credit for travel expenses, and a 24/7 concierge to help you plan and book.

If anything I've written here helped you, click that big button below to see if you qualify for a Chase Sapphire Reserve. As long as you use my link, you'll get 50,000 (valued at $750) points upon approval.