How I make damn good coffee on the go

No matter where I travel, I can rely on my Porlex Stainless Steel Mini Grinder and Cores Single Cup Gold Filter for damn good coffee. Because both are travel size, they're easy to travel with. Especially for a minimalist like me.

Overall, siphon coffee is my favorite. Unfortunately, the setup for siphon brew isn't travel friendly.

The good news is the 1-2 combo of a Porlex mini grinder and Cores gold filter works flawlessly. If you're wondering if you should purchase, here are the pros and cons.


  • Easy to travel with
  • Makes great coffee
  • Grinder can adjust from fine to course
  • Durable materials (made in Japan)
  • Easy to clean
  • Gold filter fits on a variety of cup sizes


  • Makes 1 cup at a time

Overall, I don't mind that it only makes 1 cup; I'm a solo traveler. Should I ever need to make 2 cups, it only take 2-3 more minutes.

Now that I think about it, drip coffee from cafes is also a 1-cup brew.

Where to buy

cores gold single cup coffee filter

I purchased my grinder and filter in a Japanese store called Tokyo Hands. If you happen to be in Japan... they should have both in stock.

If you're not, I checked on Amazon and they're available there as well. The prices are roughly the same. 

Tokyo, JapanRaymond Duke