How Cesar Millan (A Dog Trainer) Grew His Net Worth to $45 Million

Pic source: my recent visit to the Municipal House in Prague to watch a symphony.

Pic source: my recent visit to the Municipal House in Prague to watch a symphony.

Experts make the Big Bucks.

Someone asked me last night:

"Raymond... if I wanted to do what you do (get paid to write while traveling the world), where should I start?"

My reply:

"Well, I'd start with becoming an expert in something you enjoy doing."

Here's my reasoning.

First: you don't want work that feels like work.

There'll be times when work feels like a grind. That's inevitable. The good news is when you're enjoying your craft, the grind is rewarding and when you get through it you've developed deep-work skills in something you love. 

The other reason: experts make more money.

More pay is good. People pay experts more because experts specialize. Just like a brain surgeon gets paid more than a doctor, experts in [insert your niche here] generally get paid more than average.

So how do you become an expert?

Here's something easy you can do today: research your market and find an untapped need (then fulfill it).

I'll use copywriting as an example.

Right now I don't see anyone stepping up to the plate and becoming an expert in webinar copywriting, sales funnel copywriting, or even VSL script copywriting. Sure, there are copywriters out there who take on those projects – but I don't see anyone going all in like Ben Settle does with calling himself a world class leader in email marketing.

Another example?

Look at what Cesar Millan did with dog training.

He calls himself a dog behaviorist, which is a lesson in itself (i.e., reframing). His net worth is $45 million. There are thousands of dog trainers out there and most of them are unknown and don't make nearly as much as Cesar.

Maybe becoming a celebrity isn't for you.

Maybe you don't want to be in the spotlight. That's cool, too. You can still become an expert and you can still reap the rewards. Rather than going on and on about the how-to, I'm going to direct you to brand new book from someone who's helped people like Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey, and Neil Strauss build empires from their expertise.

The book is called Expert Secrets.

If you check out the book, you'll see how the book's author, Russell, helped people leverage their house flipping, hair styling, and "waking men up" expertise into a major following, financial freedom, and fun.

Click here now and and decide if it's for you.

You have zero obligation to get his new book for free.

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