Happy 2017

2016 was good to me. 

Every month I was more successful than the last. I expect to continue this trend throughout 2017. 

My favorite moment of 2016?

Biking through the countryside in the Netherlands, during my Amsterdam trip, was a highlight...

..., but I had so many great moments it's hard to pick just one.

Prague and London were great, too. I think Prague is my favorite overall city, but I had more fun in Amsterdam.

London was okay (sorry if you're from London). Maybe I wasn't there long enough to appreciate it. 4 days isn't enough.

I haven't even mentioned my other trips yet. These other cities were highlights for 2016 as well:

  • Toronto
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Salt Lake City
  • Austin
  • Las Vegas (currently here for New Years)

I have more plans to travel in 2017 — I'm heading to Cape Town, South Africa in a few weeks!

Can't wait.

Anyway, I haven't been posting much because I've been busy with life stuff. I'm still here and I have some plans to teach people how to do what I do (create financial freedom through freelance copywriting).

When and if I launch, it won't be cheap. I need something high ticket to keep me motivated to deliver. I'm not trying to save the world, just want to help people who're willing to help themselves.

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