Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa

After a 20+ hour flight, which was brutal, I've finally arrived in Cape Town.

Here's a view from my Airbnb (click here to claim $35 in free Airbnb credit):

Not a bad view, right?

Some of the things I plan to do in Cape Town:

  • Hangout on the beach with penguins
  • Hike or cable car up Tabletop Mountain (seen in pic)
  • Shark diving (great white sharks)
  • Wine tasting
  • Lay on the beach

It was funny to hear from people about how "dangerous" it was here.

They told me to get all kinds of shots, not leave my home past 4pm, and not to drink the water or eat the food.

Once they hear the word "Africa", they think the worst...

Cape Town IS in Africa, but it's actually a very clean and well-established city.

The tap water here is safe.

The food is fresh (and delicious — I recommend the seafood at Baia, just be cautious of the music, because it sucks).

And the people are ultra friendly.

Just goes to show you how assumptions are misleading.

I understand they simply care about me and they mean well.

But I digress...

If you want to see more of what's happening during my Cape Town travels — or anything else I do, the best way to keep in touch (at the moment) is my Snapchat.

My Snapchat username is @raymondduke.

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