From Porto to Castle of Santa Maria da Feira to Aveiro, Portugal

After leaving Porto, and a quickly stopping at a castle from 968 (the 9th century, today we arrived in Aveiro.

But before sharing my first impressions of Aveiro, I want to talk about the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira.

Built in the 9th century — 868, to be precise, Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is one of Portugal's best examples of medieval military architecture. 

As we walked throughout the castle, we passed by many holes for crossbowman to shoot from. 

Castle of Santa Maria da Feira also a system for collecting rainwater and storing it in the cellar. This way, should the castle find itself under siege, the people within it can stay hydrated.

So why did we stop at Castle of Santa Maria da Feira?

Well, since we had some time to kill before checking into our Airbnb we figured... why not?

It was worth it.

While there, I recorded a video for my new training program's optin page. It was a one-take dealio and even though it could've turned out better, I'm happy it's now ready. 

As they say, done beats none.

Now let's talk about Aveiro, aka the The Venice of Portugal.

I can see why people call it that.

It has canals.

But aside from canals, Aveiro seems to be an entirely different city than Venice.

For example, like most of Portugal, you can find decorative tilework on both the outside and inside of their buildings.

We're not sure why this trend hasn't caught on in different countries; it's beautiful.

I wish I had more pictures to share, but I don't.

We only just arrived today and there hasn't been much time to explore.

That being said, so far... so good.

It's funny our previous Airbnb's host said it's not necessary to stay in Aveiro for more than a day.

Her reason?

There's not much to see!

I disagree.

Here's why.

I don't need to be entertained 24/7 to be happy. Just give me some coffee, Wifi, and a laptop

While Aveiro isn't as developed as Porto, there's still plenty to enjoy here; I don't need 

The city is next to the water, for one.

I find that cities next to water are more relaxed.

I feel a similar vibe here in Aveiro than the one I felt in Heraklion, Crete.

With what I do, writing, I actually often find the quieter, lesser-known locations are often best.

Just give me coffee, WiFi, and the ability to write and I'm happy. 

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