For Sale: Ticket To Mars (Limited To The First 1 Million People)

Meet Elon Musk.

Elon is a billionaire tech entrepreneur who recently announced his plans to send 1 million people to colonize Mars. He also said these 1 million people must be prepared to die.

Bold move, right?

Back when I was getting started as a copywriter, I took any job that landing on my plate. If they were willing to pay, I agree to do it.

Nowadays, I'm much more careful about projects I say yes to. The reason why is because I've shifted my thinking from getting paid to making the best use of my time.

I realize this shift from money to time is difficult, especially for new copywriters. But, it's a very important shift to make. You must ignore the temptation to simply make money for what you do. Because if money is the only motivation behind your work, you'll burn out quick.

Burnout sucks.

I've been through it. I still go through it. I believe burnout happens when you say yes to too many things. This is why you need to pick and choose the opportunities you agree to. You can only do so much.

If you had to choose between getting paid and making a difference, the latter will be more satisfying and rewarding. In other words, if you had to choose between writing product copy for an iPhone case or a landing page for Elon's mission to Mars — eff the phone case, and shoot for the stars.

When you have copywriting skills, you can pick and choose who you work with. Always remember why you wanted to start writing copy in the first place. Never forget you're in control of who you work with. Because if copywriting as just another way to make money for you, you'll find yourself stuck in the same corner the 9-5'rs find themselves in.

Which, is no bueno.

I'm going to end this one on a positive note.

Realize everybody in every market needs copy. From the local business to the billion-dollar corporation, the ability to use words to persuade and sell is important. Copywriting is a universal superpower. Master it, and you'll have as much freedom (and, money) as you desire.

If you'd like my help with figuring out what to write, how to write it, and have my walk you through a framework I use to write copy, then you'll benefit from purchasing my 4U Copywriting Course.

Raymond Duke