Just made it to my resort In Sibenik, Croatia

I made it to Sibenik!

I took the bus from Zadar. Which was my first time taking a bus in Europe.

When visiting Vienna from Prague and Barcelona from Madrid, I took the train. Being from Los Angeles, my impression of buses isn't the best. But the reality is, they're quite nice in Europe.

The US can learn a lot from the public transportation in Europe. I'm glad to see my buddy Elon Musk making progress on an underground transport system in Los Angeles.

Maybe he'll have it ready by the time I get back.

(Note: technically, he's not my "buddy" and I never met him, but I somehow think he wouldn't mind if I called him that on my blog.)

The ride was a little over an hour. Not bad at all. I made a new friend on the bus... who fell asleep after we stopped talking. Which was okay with me because it gave me time to continue reading The Plant Paradox.

After being dropped off 5 minutes from the resort, I took a cab and checked in. The architecture of the D-Resort is interesting and unlike anything else in the area. I took this pic of the ceiling in the lobby.

After checking in, I quickly upgraded my room.

Let me give you a travel tip: always ask what else is available once you arrive. Sometimes there's a cancellation that opens up a better room they're eager to sell.

In my situation, I "sidegraded" to a room with a better view of the Old City.

Check it.

After checking in I settled down by taking a 1-2 hour nap. Then I woke up and ate dinner while watching the sunset.

After dinner, I got to work.

Yes, work.

From 8pm-2am, I caught up on work before calling it a night. Thanks to the help of my new and amazing virtual assistant (who isn't really new anymore), the late night workflow went smoothly.

So what am I up to now?

After breakfast...

... I walked over to the resort's Spa Area to get some writing done by the pool.

The plan for today?

Work through the afternoon, hit the gym, then explore Old Town from early evening to late night. Those are loose plans. They're better that way.

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