Eating Korean BBQ at Wooga — a Michelin Star Recommendation in Gangnam, Seoul

I love meat. One of my favorite memories of Japan wasn't the friendly people — it was the wagyu. As what happens 70% of the time when I'm looking for something to eat, last night's dinner search led me to meat. Specifically, to a Korean BBQ spot in Gangnam named Wooga.

Why Wooga?

With thousands of Korean BBQ places to choose from, I couldn't rely on what I usually do — pics and reviews. Those things are helpful. But when faced with so many options, they're not enough.

Lately I've been relying on Michelin ratings to help me decide. My experiences have been hit and miss. Wooga was the third or fourth Michelin recommendation I went to in Seoul. After eating their course, with a main being 300g of aged ribeye, I can confidently say Wooga was a hit.

 My 300g course came to 166,000 KRW. About $149 USD at the time of this post.

My 300g course came to 166,000 KRW. About $149 USD at the time of this post.

When it comes to rating food, I don't want to make things complicated. So instead of being a critic of every detail, I've created a simple rating system that narrows it down to one question:

Should you eat there?

With Wooga, the answer is yes. You should eat there and I'd recommend it to any of my friends visiting Seoul.

But why? What's so special? Again, I'm not going to criticize everything. For me it comes down to experience and taste. At Wooga, both were great.

According to my personal grill person (not sure what the correct name is for the guy/gal who cooks your meat for you), the meat is dry aged for — what I thought was — 3-5 days. Turns out it's 40-60 days, according to their website.

dry aged meat

The cut I selected was best cooked well done. This contradicts how I usually cook my meat, medium rare. Apparently, well done is the preferred way to cook dry aged meat because it brings out the texture — without sacrificing flavor.

Something else I learned was how pairing certain vegetables bring out the meat's flavor. You can see an example of this in first pic below. It's recommended to dip the meat and vege combo in the sauce when eating this way. Which I did, even though I'm trying to cut back on sugars (sauces) and carbs (rice).

Eating the meat without the veges is also an option. The only recommended addition is salt. As you can see in the next pic, the meat is arranged on the side of the cooking area once it's cooked. There's no heat there, so it stays warm — without being grilled past well done.

 What 300g looks like after it's cooked.

What 300g looks like after it's cooked.

That's all I got for you today. Once again, my recommendation for Wooga is: YES.