Don't Fear The "Deep End"

One of the things I struggled with this past year was wanting to do everything myself. I wanted to build the sales funnel, run the Facebook ads, track the data, and consult on every aspect of the offer.

I wanted to do everything.

Which, wasn't a bad thing because when I have more control of the sales funnel process, the sales funnel usually converts better.

The downside of doing things this way is it takes more work, energy, and time. It's not something I can sustain doing in the long run.

So to avoid stressing myself out, I reminded myself to stick to what I do best: write copy. 

Writing copy is where I get the biggest tradeoff when it comes to investing my skills, making the best use of my expertise, and earning the most money. The more I write copy, the better I get.

I call this the "deep end" of skill mastery. 

Going into the deep end is when you stop treading lightly in the area you're in and start to head toward the one thing you want to fully master.

For me, it was -- is, will always be -- copywriting, because it's what I love to do and what brings me the highest return.

But getting paid more isn't the only benefit to going deep.

Some more perks of the deep end include:

  • Being an authority in a certain skill (e.g., email copywriting, mass-building workouts, real estate investing, etc.), so you can create and sell your own products with confidence
  • Getting paid more from your clients (smart business owners are willing to pay a specialist more than a generalist)
  • Living a happier life (less stress + more focus = greater satisfaction)

While you may want to do everything, I've learned it's worth the tradeoff to narrow your focus.

On a related note, while I'm focused on copywriting, I'm still open to consulting on sales funnels and product launches.

The reason why is because the research I do about the market, product, and funnel strategy greatly influences the funnel's success.

I will not be doing the work, but I'll instruct and guide you with what I'd do if I were you.

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Raymond Duke


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