Congruence Is King: Step Aside, Content

Platforms come and go. Remember MySpace? 


Yet what will never change is something called congruence.

Agreement or harmony; compatibility.
— Congruence

As we head deeper into the Information Age, we'll be seeing a lot of technologically-driven mediums to distribute communication.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Holograms
  • Artificial Intelligence (interesting Black Mirrors episode about ai here)

...are all new ways we'll be talking to our friends, family, and coworkers before the 22nd century.

Yet what'll make the biggest difference will not be the medium. What will matter most is how you set up your transitions.

Sales Funnel Example

Let's look at a popular sales funnel model.

  • great content
  • free thingy
  • thank you page
  • email confirmation
  • low-ticket offer

Already we see several ways of communication with your audience (articles, videos, PDFs, autoresponders, and sales/checkout pages). And within each of these methods is even more options (blogging platforms, video services, email services, tracking tools, and so on.)

Overwhelming, isn't it?

It definitely is. It's no secret why smart marketers and business owners outsource talent for specific purposes.

Yet no matter your skillset (designer, copywriter, etc.), there's one thing you must understand if you want to get sales.


The person who knows how to transition a lead to a prospect to a customer is the person who gets paid the most.

The next time you're struggling with something, take a step back, open your eyes, and realize there's more going on than you might think.

Then ask yourself:

  • What happens before?
  • What happens after?
  • How does what I'm working on seamlessly fit?

The best type of copywriting happens when you present your offer like the last, missing piece of a puzzle they've been dying to finish.

CopywritingRaymond Duke