Back to Japan I go (the sushi was too good to ignore)

Why do I travel? I could list several reasons, but one of the top 3 is definitely food. For that reason, I flew back to Tokyo on Sunday.

I'll be here for a month. Possibly longer.

Nothing else compares when it comes to Japanese sushi and wagyu. I realize it's offered in other parts of the world, but to this day I haven't tasted anything similar. The freshness adds a flavor that overwhelms the sense. I have to stop... and take a moment to close my eyes in pleasure after every bite.

Even the 24 hour spots have great sushi. It's unbelievable.

sushi zanmai roppongi

I'm not sure where I'll go to after Japan. The only other travel plan I have this year is to be back in California in December for Christmas. Anything can happen between now and then.


Tokyo, JapanRaymond Duke