Are We "Living" Inside of a Virtual Reality Floating Through Space? (Important Question)

250-500 years.

That's about the amount of time I'd say goes by before we (i.e., humans) have our existence converted into AI.

In ~250-500 years (probably sooner),  human history (including everyone who's died—we'll figure out how to bring them back) will be living inside a virtual reality.

Earth will be gone.

We'll be floating in space, on a virtual environment hosted on a computer the size of a duffle bag.

The virtual reality we'll all live in will be glorious.

There won't be death.

You'll experience the same feelings you experience now—without the consequences.

  • You'll be able to eat without getting fat.
  • You'll be able to dance without getting tired.
  • You'll be able to jump off a cliff—and respawn after hitting the floor.

But then, one day, a random meteor will hit our duffle bag.

Wiping out our existence.

And, everything that's existed before.

The point of this post?

Live today as if this will happen tomorrow, because it will happen tomorrow (eventually).

Anyway, um, enjoy the rest of your week.

Raymond Duke