Answering Questions About Copywriting: May 24, 2017

Yesterday I asked my Facebook Group to ask me anything about copywriting or freelancing.

Below are their questions, with my answers.

Do you have a few favorite words you like the most for a particular reason?

Not really.

I'm not attached to words.

One thing I've been doing lately is building up my rhythm with my copy.

For example, look at this answer.

See how it starts with one word?

Then, notice how the next sentence get longer... and longer... and longer?

And then, how it "calms down" again?

Kind of like a good song.

Do you have a methodology for getting work (for beginners)?

If I was brand new, this is what I'd do.

I'd first pick a niche.

It's easy to get work, but you don't want any kind of work; you want work that gets you excited, trust me.

You're going to kill yourself if your goal is just to make money.

It might feel good to get paid in the moment, but when it comes to doing the work... you'll hate what you're doing and it'll feel like a job.

Back to your question.

Getting work is the result of picking a niche, building authority in your niche, and reaching out to business owners in your niche.

That's the gist.

I have a free training, and paid program, that goes into more detail about starting a freelance copywriting business.

Do you have real life role models that are living examples of effective communicators- what have you learned from them?

One person comes to mind is Mike Rowe.

Also known as "The Dirty Jobs" guy.

Mike has a way of communicating that's natural... down to earth, but not without sacrificing intelligence. 

I primarily read his stuff when it pops on my Facebook (that's as far as my fandom goes).

I believe he has a podcast as well.

Look him up!

Any literary devices, words, metaphors that you've noticed improve your pitch or general reception?


Keep your message about one thing at a time.

(Something you did not do with your question.)

A better way to ask your question would be: 

Any literary devices you've noticed improve your pitch?

That's a much easier question to answer.

People are busy!

Keep your messages about ONE thing at a time.

You'll keep your reader's attention that way.

What are the best sites, places, sales pages to interact and gain clientele?

Depends on your niche.

Once you find your niche, research where people in your niche hang out. 

This could be Facebook Groups, forums, conventions, etc.

There's also sites like Upwork for getting gigs. 

Try Craigslist as well (tip: use a nationwide search engine since you're going to pitch yourself as working virtually).

Is it okay to make little change in someone else copy to make it more natural to you then use it for your project?

You mean swiping?

Sure, it's "okay"... but it depends who you're asking.

Personally, I'd only swipe copy to model; I'd suggest you avoid copy and pasting someone else's work.

I know that's not what you're asking... just throwing that out there for anyone reading this.

That's it for now.