7 Keys To Copywriting (Plus: "Hanging Out" In Vegas)


I'm writing you from Las Vegas. I came here for New Years. Surprisingly (to some?), I haven't yet gambled.

Unless, however, you consider the "acroyoga" class I went to this morning. Some would say I was "gambling" my life by doing some of the hanging exercises.

This position was my favorite.

The story behind how I ended up taking an 8am acroyoga class in Vegas is best saved for another day. Basically, it involves me being stalked, kidnapped, and willingly forced to eat home-cooked food, receive excellent massages, and get treated like royalty.

I have a friend who had his toenail removed when he was kidnapped. I like my kidnapping (adultnapping?) much better.

Anyway, for now — I wanted to share with you some notes I'm working on for an upcoming free online training about 7 "keys things" to writing copy.

Here are my notes:

Key #1: It's Not About You

t's about your reader; you must consider what they're going through, first. The most a business knows about their market, they better they'll perform against their competition.

Alternatively, one can know their market so well... it's possible for them to "carve a niche", within a niche, which eliminates competition completely.

Key #2: Skepticism Is Strength

When you construct your message, pretend you're marketing to the most-skeptical person in your market. Think about what they'd objection — and try to "call out", because that's how you'll be able to write the most-persuasive message possible.

But, how? 

Well, a few things you want to do is to tap into already-existing beliefs (instead of trying to make them believe NEW ones) ...and, use their already-existing experiences to shape their behavior.

Key #3: Demonstrate

Show, don't tell. Let your offer "sell" itself by demonstrating how it works, how easy it is to use, what problems it solves, ...and so on.

Key #4: Bullets

Your ability to write concise, curiosity-driven, copy is key to selling.

Key #5: Urgency & Scarcity

You must give a reason behind making people act now, not later.

Later means never.

Key #6: Travel More

These last two are more "mindset" than tactics. This key is about traveling because traveling opens your mind to new experiences, new people, and new environments. It also makes you more creative. You don't need to travel to different countries, like I do, but it is very helpful to visit new locations whenever you can.

Key #7: Lead Your Solutions To You

Writer's block is a myth, to me. I never put myself in a position where I'm not sure what to write. The reason why is because I research my market, first — before I type a word of text on my laptop.

Also, for the unavoidable moments when you're "stuck", I'd recommend stepping AWAY from your project and keeping yourself busy with something completely unrelated to your work.

Then, when you least expect it, the answer to one of your challenges will come to you. It's not magical or woo-woo, that's just how your brain works... and it's the reason why you get ideas in the shower and while driving.

So, there you go.

Some notes for you.

You like them?

If you do, I can't imagine how much more you'll enjoy the free online presentation I have coming up. 

Let me know if you want to see it by leaving a comment below.

If I don't get enough feedback, I'm not doing it...

Raymond Duke

P.S. You should try acroyoga sometime. It's fun!

Raymond Duke