$400 meat - would you pay for this?

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Most people wouldn't consider paying $400 for 300g (2 servings) of this meat. They'd object and say:

  • There's too much fat!

  • Only an idiot would pay that much!

  • It's just meat!

Yet, what many people don't realize is this isn't ordinary meat; it's A5 (the highest rating) Wagyu sirloin. It comes from pure black cattle breed raised by a farming professional for at least 24 months.

The cows, as you'd expect, are never fed any animal feed or growth hormones. To determine the meat's quality, there's a special group, the Japan Meat Grading Association, that personally inspects every single cut. Only 5,000 cows a year meet their standards, which is just 0.16% of the entire beef consumed and distributed in Japan.

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The fat, when interweaved with muscle like a web, is a wonderful thing called marbling. The reason why it's wonderful is because the fat melts while the meat's cooked, unleashing a rich, savory and delightful flavor that attracts people all over the world to Japan. Generally, the more marbling... the more expensive the meat is. 

But, that's not all... for $400, you're also getting top notch service; a personal chef, a high rise city view, and a staff that's seconds away from helping you with anything you need.

Now, when presented with these facts — did it change your mind about paying $400 for this meat? Did I at least make you consider it?

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BTW — This special type of meat melts on your mouth like butter, yet has a rich and fulfilling flavor that dances on your tongue. If you have a chance to try it, I suggest you do.

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