3 Copywriting Tips For When You Are New And Starting From Scratch

Answer time...

One of the most-common questions people have asked me so far is:

How do I get started when I am new?
— What most new copywriters ask me.

Here are my thoughts (3 tips):

1. How to become a better copywriter: 

Write daily.

It doesn't have to be 5,000 words.

Just 200 is okay.

What's important is you get into the habit of writing, regularly.

Either on your blog or on Facebook or ... anywhere. The more you write, the better you get.

It's that simple.

2. How to get secure work for years:

Make friends.

Don't try to sell yourself right away.

Just be a cool person and connect with the people you see yourself working for.

Most of my current gigs were a result of past connections.

Who knows...

Maybe the fact you're reading this now will lead to me sending you work someday?

I wouldn't be surprised if that were to happen!

3. How to get your first job:

Focus on one opportunity.

This is a two-part answer.

  1. Choose one person or niche or business... you want to write for. It could be a big niche, like health. Or a sub-niche, like paleo dieting.
  2. Focus all your efforts on providing value... for that person/business. Show them in advance what you can do (how you can help them), and they'll realize their life would be better by hiring you.

Making the decision for the client/reader a no-brainer is a valuable copywriting technique.

If you're ever stuck with anything you're writing, use my 21 tips.

One last (bonus) tip...

Don't restrict making friends and building your network to the Internet.

There are so many in-person situations you should attend, too.

For example, Traffic and Conversion 2016 just went down in San Diego. This event, hosted by Digital Marketer, is one of the biggest Internet Marketing events all year.

Unfortunately, I didn't attend this one. But I was there in 2015 and the things I learned helped me and my clients grow and make money. 

If you weren't at the 2016 event, but still want the goods (what was discussed, the techniques given away from each speaker, etc.), then you can...

Grab Tim's Traffic and Conversion 2016 notes here

Tim takes notes every year, so he's good at giving you the takeaways.

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