229% ROI: New Affiliate Marketing Campaign Off To a Great Start—But Will It Last?

I'm having too much fun. And it's not because I'm making money.

Sure, it's not a significant amount. $158.73 is not enough to buy a lamborghini. That's not really the point though. I want to point out something else that's happening as a result of this campaign: 

Screenshot from my Voluum account.

Screenshot from my Voluum account.

What's really special about this is I'm building a platform for myself to test and optimize my copy. As a copywriter, this is the same as tossing a cat into a bed of catnip. Ecstasy galore.

You best believe you'll be hearing more about this campaign in the future. For now, I just wanted to wet your ear a little with some news about the first steps. 

Because I know some of you are curious, here are some details about this affiliate campaign:

  • I'm using native advertising
  • It's in the health niche
  • It's whitehat (non-cloaked)
  • The offer is going straight to a VSL (I'll be testing a presell page soon)
  • I'm tracking with Voluum

That's all for now.

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Raymond Duke