21 Million-Dollar Copywriting Secrets: From a "Word Pimp"...

Life is crazy good right now.

Before I get to my announcement, I wanted to share a picture of a recent and private presentation.

If you weren't on the call, don't worry because...

I'll be presenting the same call again today (@ noon, PST)!

If you can make it, you'll notice the name  "Word Pimp (Copywriter)" as my lower-third title.


"Word Pimp".

I like it better than "Expert Copywriter".

Here's what'll happen on today's call...

  • there will be giveaways...
  • you'll be able to get a LIVE audit of your website (are you brave enough to share yours?)
  • you'll learn the 4 U's of headline writing (LIVE how-to headline writing exercise)
  • I'll be going over each detail of my 21-point copywriting PDF

If you're planning on kicking back at home today, in your PJs, join me online and learn some copy.


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