1 important takeaway that I learned while traveling the world

On January 14th I left California.

It was supposed to be a 3-week trip.

I ended up catching one-way flights around the world until December 19th.

Living and working from several different countries taught me a lot.

As I prepare to travel again in 2018, I want to moment to share an important takeaway I learned in 2017.

America's obesity problem is serious

 The truth is much scarier than this satire.

The truth is much scarier than this satire.

I lost 20 pounds last year.

It wasn't because of some crazy workouts or fad diet. I simply changed what I ate.

It didn't hurt that I was walking more, either -- but not eating processed and unhealthy food that's so common in the US was the biggest difference.

This became clear to me back in August, when I was in Prague and got news of an in-person marketing event in Florida. It was something I wanted to attend, so I booked a flight.

When I arrived at the airport, I realized how many obese people there are in the states. While there are fat people in every country, they're way more common in the US.

But not just fat people.

The US has a severe amount of people who are obese. I'm talking about people who need wheelchairs or carts to get around. It was like Wall-E movie -- but in real life.

It was scary.

Now that I've been back in the US for a few weeks, the cause of this problem is even clearer. There's fast food everywhere, especially in the poorer communities.

A lot of people argue eating healthy is expensive. I disagree. The negative side effects from eating bad food costs more in the long run, making paying a few more bucks for organic food negligible.

No wonder the US life expectancy last year dropped for a second year in a row. One of the main causes? Heart disease.

America's healthcare is a hot topic. While people argue about which policy is better, I'm sitting here wondering why we're not attacking the issue at the source -- our food.

Better food, healthier people. It's that simple.

If something doesn't change, I expect the lifespan of people in the US to decline further. Change can happen if laws are put into place to stop some of unhealthy growing practices used by farmers -- practices which are banned in countries like Europe.

Anyway, rant over. I had to get that off of chest. If you're looking for further reading about this topic, I recommend The Plant Paradox.

Reading this book helped me change my diet and my outlook. I highly recommend it.

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