Want More Amazon Sales?

How To Get A Million-Dollar Copywriter Who Doesn't Want To Write For You, Write For You

I'll be brief.

Chances are, I won't write your Amazon product listing.

The reason why is because I prefer sinking my teeth into bigger projects. 

However — there is one thing you can do to get my attention.

Pay Me Money!

I don't mean $50 or even $500, either.

I'll take your money if you want to send it to me.

But if you want me to do work for you?

Yeah, that's going to cost more.

Here's my rate:

$1,500/Amazon Product Listing

It's higher than most for 2 reasons:

  1. They're not my favorite thing to do.
  2. A $1,500 rate gives me a higher chance of working with someone serious about their biz.

So that's the deal.

Pay me $1,500, and I'll write your Amazon product listing.

It's up to you.

Hit me up below if you're interested.

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I’ve actually been running Raymond’s copy unedited (I know I should split test, but it’s been great and Amazon is an unpredictable beast when it comes to changes) since the product was released which is around 10-11 months.

Before Raymond’s copy, sales were non-existent, however I believe the copy added trust in the listing due to it really targeting the customer needs and coming across personable rather than a larger corporation. We started selling without any customer reviews and the copy definitely helped fuel these sales.

Sales have been growing since the release, in fact we have run out of stock 4 times due to huge spikes in demand. So this could be even greater if we had foreseen this. Sales have been very steady over the summer months, maintaining a great conversion rate on Amazon and now we are entering fall they are ever increasing.

We have been the number 2 selling product in our category multiple times, often outselling large multimillion dollar brands. Keeping in mind our product sells for an average of $10-15 more than our competition our conversion rate is between 8-11% without optimisation. With optimisation I am sure we could gain a few percentage points.

What I can say is that Raymond went into great detail with his research of the product and the niche which showed in the end result. Much more than other competing companies and copywriters. With Amazon and all ecommerce it all comes down to the data and numbers and your copy has certainly stood the test of time on Amazon and maintained good conversion rates as well as touching on core product features and keywords. All of this together has helped us consistently rank well even after running out of stock.
— Tyler