How to Appear Smarter During Meetings

Experimenting with a new* way to share content on my blog. Instead of coming up with 100% original posts, I'm going to share other content I find on the web and give my personal take on it. 

To kick things off, how about a little humor? 

This post on Medium by Sarah Cooper gives 10 tricks for appearing smarter during a meeting. 

Before you get analytical, realize it's satire. What makes this post funnier is the commenters thought it was actual advice. 

My favorite is #5 -- encourage everyone to "take a step back." Saying this at any time makes you seem like you're super attentive, even if you were not. 

The thing I find most interesting about this post is these "silly" 10 tips can be effective in the right context. For example, taking notes with a pen and notepad is a way to appear smart. It's also a way to improve memory and, well, actually become smarter. 

Now go and read the post and find out what the rest of the "tips are. :-)

*I mean a new way to post as in new for me. The Squarespace bookmarklet has been part of blogging for years. I just never used it. With the business of social media, I thinking about posting things on my blog and autoposting it on networks, so I have my own feed that I control. This, like most things I do, is an experiment. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!