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...or anything else that helped you grow your business.

Think of what it would mean for your company. 

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Hello! My name is Raymond Duke

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I am a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter from Southern California. Here's a picture of me and my girlfriend. 

Over the past 33 years, I've had a lot of wild experiences, like:

  • Someone robbing me at gunpoint for $18 (and a large pizza).
  • Accidently writing a blog post that attracted 120,000 page views.
  • Closing over $50,000 in copywriting work with an automated email. 

Despite all that I've been through, I'm a lot like you. 

Just a guy (or gal) with something to say.

But getting to where I am today (living comfortably as a full-time freelance copywriter) wasn't easy. It took me over a decade of working over 25 jobs to find the one thing I do best. To discover how it all happened (warts and all), go here to read my story.

After you read my story, you'll know that my abilities to... 

  • ...combine my personal experiences 

  • ...tell stories
  • ...and understand marketing technology as easily as 1,2,3.

...allowed me to help business owners all around the world.

And as any smart marketer would, I've collected testimonials from people I've worked with. 

nice things My Clients say about me

Raymond constructed a sales sequence of 5 emails with a mixture of story telling, education and more direct sales messaging. Work was piling up and I was feeling stressed about providing the best possible service to my clients. Knowing that I have someone I trust to help write copy is an immense relief. Raymond was very easy to work with.
— Casey Stevens, Business Charisma
His copywriting skills were superb and it was very easy to implement his ideas into our current project. I plan on using him for our future projects, he’s great.
— Josh Ochs, Social Media Trainer
I was struggling with getting the copy right for my website. I knew I had a good business idea but was unsure of the wording to really sell it. I hired Raymond and within days he had an exceptional copy wrote up, better than I could have ever imagined doing myself. He far exceeded my expectations. I am very much looking forward to working with Raymond in the future.
— Russell Cooper, Realtor
I contacted Ray when we were at the pre-launch stage for three nutraceutical products. Raymond provided website landing page content for three nutraceutical products. Raymond thoroughly researched the ingredients for each product and wrote strong marketing messages for each, citing many clinical studies. He struck a good balance between a strong marketing message and playing it safe with FDA and FTC compliance. Raymond worked through challenging research requirements and changing editorial requirements like a champ. He has a good grasp of the mechanics of a sales pitch and gets into the mindset of the target audience. Job well done.
— Malcolm vR, Rebellion Media

Still Wondering what Exactly I can do for you?

I can help you with....

  • Evaluating and understanding your target market, so you can generate higher conversions with marketing material that develops a strong relationship with your target audience, so you can successfully sell more products and services. 
  • Designing a strategy for implementing the latest, in-depth modern marketing tools—such as landing pages, autoresponder sequences, conversion pixels, and A/B testing—in order to help you create, analyze, and optimize your online sales funnel.
  • Adapting my copywriting expertise to style that matches your voice, so you can have persuasive copy that converts well and matches your unique tone and personality. 

Here's What I've done for others like you...

  • Maintained steadily profitable relationships with a small number of clients with budgets of $500-$30,000. 
  • Consulted and written copy for online sales funnels in a variety of niches and markets; including, online mortgage lending, private education, wealth coaching (NLP), self-help (with an esoteric focus), business coaching, stock marketing seminars, and Amazon (e-commerce) physical products.
  • “Passively” generated over $50,000 in client work with an autoresponder sequence that shares several unique, personal stories that end with a strong call to action. (I often get compliments out the blue about how well my ability to tell a story makes people feel like they know me just by reading my copy.)

What I Was Doing in 2014...

  • Developed my ability to work on several projects at once, which mostly included writing copy for 6-8 figure a year businesses in the cycling, natural health, blogging, business development, sports cream, self-help, dog training, and

  • Worked with MindValley on a project that created an online training program for people looking to earn 6-figures plus a year by blogging; which resulted in recruiting 177 members who all pay an average of ~$47 a month to stay enrolled in the program.

  • Wrote over 25,000 words in “content marketing” for Sonia Choquette, the world’s leading expert on Intuition.

When I'm not helping my clients, I'm writing on my blog

Check out my latest blog posts

Even more nice things said about me from my clients...

Raymond helped me to put my beautiful engagement story and made it sound even better than it actually was. Right now we have an amazing story of our engagement, it was posted on our wedding website and have impressed all the visitors! Raymond is an amazing person. He is very considering, caring and thoughtful. His professional skills are very impressive as well and he will work hard to satisfy one’s expectations. It is not my first time collaboration with Raymond and he has brought me only positive experience with great outcome! Highly recommended person to work with
— Yulia Melnova, Model and Art Dealer
If you are looking to craft your message in an engaging and appealing way for the current internet audience or fine tune your on-line presence, look no further.
— Nicoleta Simionescu, Allways Financial Home Loan Services
Raymond gave me piece of mind that I was headed in the right direction but also told me the fastest way to get to where I wanted to be. A knowledgable and creative review of my site helped me hone in on what needs fixing so I can show my audience what I can do for them. I felt like good know that a skilled professional was taking a look at my work. I felt even better with a roadmap of where to head next.
— Matt Jared, Programmer
Raymond did not just help us with copy, but he helped us articulate what our product was about. We had so much to say about our product but struggled to prioritize what customers wanted to know first. By a process of evolving drafts, we were able to succinctly position our product.
— Richard, Clever Yellow