My name is Raymond Duke. I'm a 32 year old digital marketer specializing in direct response copywriting and content marketing. The thing I'm best at is creating systems and strategies for businesses who want help with:

  • Getting more leads.
  • Converting more prospects.
  • And making more money.

Because I work full-time for a marketing firm, I'm limited to the number of clients I can help. If you're serious about growing your business, and you want a marketing who is responsible, reliable, and will work hard to get your results, let me know.



Considered by many as "sales in print," I take it up a notch and call copywriting "performance in print."

As a copywriter, I can help you create more effective sales pages, website copy, landing pages, emails, video sales letters and more. 

Words on their own are powerful; but when used collectively and strategically, you can establish your position in your market, improve conversion rates, and increase sales.


Sales Automation

Worry less and make more money with effective sales automation systems, including sales funnels, autoresponders, and nurturing sequences. 

It seems like there's a new offer coming out every day claiming to make your life easier. You might not know what works and what does not.

I do. 

Let me show you what works.



Marketing is everything. If no one knows about your solution, it's only a matter of time before someone else comes along as steals your thunder. A subpar product with great marketing will be more profitable than a great product with lousy marketing. 

I can help you with your marketing strategy, so you can grow your business.