How To Write an Ad For Your Book

Planning to promote your new book soon?

Or, perhaps you're writing a book ad for a client?

Here's a simple breakdown of a proven control for a book, written by Gary Bencivenga. 

My friend Mike over at Swipe-Worthy let me annotate his swipe files.

As a copywriter, this is like being given the keys to heaven -- there are so many ads on the site to look at (it's basically porn for copywriters).

The formula for writing the ad look like this:

  • callout the market (benefit-driven headline)
  • establish credibility (highlight author's achievements)
  • build trust (showcase how others have gotten the result)
  • generate excitement (future-pace what's possible for the reader)
  • prep for the cta (use an "if" statement)
  • cta
  • guarantee
  • instructions that assume they've said yes

    To see the ad yourself (and my notes), click here!