On My Way To Monterey, CA

This should be a fun trip. Im heading up to Monterey to hangout with a friend. We're going to get some work done, and take some time off. Maybe do some hiking or something. 

Another reason why I'm going is because I wanted to get out of the house. 

One of the most important things about writing copy, and getting better at writing copy, is that you should always do new things.

Having new experiences, seeing new people, and making new friends all help you become more well-rounded person.

And when you're a well-rounded person, you can relate to people better. You can build connections faster, tell better stories, and be more, well, human. 

Copywriting is life.

And to me, life is copywriting.




Are We "Living" Inside of a Virtual Reality Floating Through Space? (Important Question)

250-500 years.

That's about the amount of time I'd say goes by before we (i.e., humans) have our existence converted into AI.

In ~250-500 years (probably sooner),  human history (including everyone who's died—we'll figure out how to bring them back) will be living inside a virtual reality.

Earth will be gone.

We'll be floating in space, on a virtual environment hosted on a computer the size of a duffle bag.

The virtual reality we'll all live in will be glorious.

There won't be death.

You'll experience the same feelings you experience now—without the consequences.

  • You'll be able to eat without getting fat.
  • You'll be able to dance without getting tired.
  • You'll be able to jump off a cliff—and respawn after hitting the floor.

But then, one day, a random meteor will hit our duffle bag.

Wiping out our existence.

And, everything that's existed before.

The point of this post?

Live today as if this will happen tomorrow, because it will happen tomorrow (eventually).

Anyway, um, enjoy the rest of your week.

How Stories Affect Your Brain

If you want someone to listen to you, tell a story. Stories are impossible for the brain to resist. We're hard-wired to listen — and pay attention — to stories. (Which explains why I've been sucked into Breaking Bad all weekend.)

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley performed brain activity using an M.R.I. machine to show what happens in the brain while listening to a story. 

The results? Stories were shown to not affect just one region the brain — the more a person listened to a story, the more blood flow increased throughout the entire brain. Unlike previous research suggested, listening to a story doesn't just "turn on" one section of the brain.

Whenever you can engage someone in a story to sell your product or service, do it. It's scientifically proven to work.

h/t: New York Times.