How Highly Effective (And Good Looking) Business Owners Get Direct Response Copywriting Help For Their Product Launches


Hello Business Owner,

Do you know the one thing all successful marketing campaigns in human history had one thing in common?

It's called originality. 

From the bigwigs like Apple, to the lesser-known (yet highly profitable) infoproducts on ClickBank, the biggest winners conquered their marketing by selling a bold and unique idea.

I can help you do that.

Here's how: when you approach me with a copywriting or marketing project, I won't hesitate to ask you the questions that matter most. I will challenge you to defend your product as if your life depended on it, because the reality is the strength and dedication to your company determines the future of you and your family.

Yet not only will I get to the heart of your business, I will succinctly communicate it for you. After writing copy for 1000's of hours, and 100's of businesses, I have an understanding of what it takes for a marketing campaign to work: originality.

When you need someone

  • ...experienced with creating marketing campaigns for 6-9 figure a year businesses
  • ...knowledgable of direct response marketing fundamentals
  • ...reliable, professional, and dedicated to their copywriting work

then all you have to do is hit that green button below to send me a message. When you do, I'll read what you have to say and give you a link for to schedule  a chat on Skype about your project.

(Please note: I am booked until the end of November. A majority of my clients book 30-90 days in advance. Thank you).