Hey Business Owners -- Want Better Response Rates From Your Words?

Dear Business Owner Looking for Growth,

My name’s Ray. I'm a 32 year old Copywriter and Casual Longshoreman from Carson, California. For over 20 years I struggled with connecting to people, which led me to keep myself hidden from the public. During this struggle, I did a lot of boring things that wasted a lot of the little time we have in the world. I named this my ‘getting by’ experience. You know what I mean by ‘getting by’, right? It’s the experience you feel when you're moving forward so slowly it feels like you're not moving at all.

I’m not here to tell you a sad story because that'd be boring. I’m here to tell you tell you about how a key moment in my life - a "eureka moment" I had in college - changed my life for the better. I want to explain why this moment led me to pursue a degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, and eventually become a copywriter.

Here - have a look at how much I'm into this stuff. These certificates from California State University Long Beach prove I really dig how people communicate.  

So what do I do as a copywriter? It’s funny and interesting that a lot of people don't know about copywriting. It’s funny because it’s something you're around every day. Advertising copy is used in billboards, emails and scripts for commercials. What’s interesting about copywriting is sort of a mystery to the public. People take a passive understanding of advertising and marketing - that is, until it affects them. If we get to know each other, ask me to explain this better to you.

Basically, copywriters are persuasive experts that help businesses connect with the people that will make them more money. Being someone that does this is quite the change from where I used to be. I used to avoid speaking to people - now I make a living getting people to take action.

Some people call it finding your passion, but I call it being real. What being real means is taking your past and present experiences to work towards a better future. That’s really all there is to it. A lot of people struggle making this connection, so I get paid to help them out.

The changes I went through didn't happen overnight. It was literally two decades of figuring things out. If you want to know the problems I overcame, and how I'm able to leverage my experiences into helping you with your business, click here.