She told me I'll never find another cleaner as good as her...

I literally shook my head when I got her online message. 

Not only did she come unprepared, she was extremely rude to me.

I may have looked past the fact she didn't bring enough cleaning supplies (and wanted ME to give her a ride to Target...on my dime).

But when she said my place was a lot worse than she expected, I couldn't help but get offended. Here I was, welcoming her into my home, and she's has the nerve to express her disapproval. 

Well, Mam, this is why I'm hiring you, a housecleaner, in the first place. 

Let the record show my place was NOT a mess.

It was just a little unkept. And sure, some corners needing some scrubbing. But that's the point of cleaning, isn't it? To straighten up a home and put in the work to get things in order.

I ended up finding a new cleaner who is both friendly and thorough (sorry, mam, I did find someone better than you).

Things are where they should be in my home. I'm not bothered by dust. The dishes are clean. Life is good. 

I'm much happier. 

If you want to run a business, you have to realize you're not the only person out there offering what you offer (except in some rare cases, but you should still pay attention to other businesses in your industry anyway).

A good way to piss someone off is to act like you're the big enchilada. 

Please don't let your ego get in the way. 

My new housekeeper paid attention to what I wanted and she immaculafied my home. And since my home is also where I do a lot of writing and marketing strategy, I feel a lot better taking care of business in a clean and well-kept place.

If you think about it, your office or your home is part of your business system. When your environment factors functions to your liking, so does your business.

But sometimes, things get out of hand. You let things idle, dust piles up, and you don't make the most use of what you got.

As a marketing consultant, I can help you fix that. I help businesses leverage their current marketing assets, so their company can make more money, without spending more on advertising guaranteed

In other words, I'll enter your "home" and we can come up with ways to make it operate better (i.e., find ways to make you more money).

I'll run you through a step-by-step system for growing your business, and I guarantee you'll earn more than my fee in the first month, or I'll continue to work for free until you're satisfied. 

You see, like my home, I keep a clean head about what I do.

So no dirty business, please. 

Just smooth, clean, and effective business growth strategies with a proven, step-by-step marketing system.

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You really need to try this working in spurts technique

You really need to try this working in spurts technique

Some people call it the pomodoro. I call it the Schwartz Method (because Eugene Schwartz talked about this before the Italian guy on wikipedia). Whatever you call it, working in spurts is key to staying productivity throughout your day, while going to bed with a little bit of the same energy you woke up with.