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Direct Response Copywriting Services

Wishing you had a long term copywriting solution?

Let me make this easier for you...


Direct Response Copywriting Services

Wishing you had a long term copywriting solution?

Let me make this easier for you...

HOW to never have to worry about needing copy again

Stop struggling with not having a reliable copywriter and start getting the copywriting results you want now


If you have tried...

  • hiring freelancers with major promises yet minor results
  • searching for copywriters and finding anyone who can help you
  • doing it yourself and realizing copywriting's just not your thing

...then you and I need to talk.

Hi. My name's Raymond Duke, and I'm a 32 year old copywriter who provides direct response copy for marketing agencies and business owners. 

If there's one thing I want you to know before you continue to read, it's this:

I'd love to Fast-Track Your Success

Right now I'm looking for a small number of clients who want the satisfaction of having a go-to copywriter.

If you'd talk more about your needs, hit the button below to send a Project Inquiry.

His copywriting skills were superb and it was very easy to implement his ideas into our current project. I plan on using him for our future projects, he’s great.
— Josh Ochs, Social Media Trainer
If you are looking to craft your message in an engaging and appealing way for the current internet audience or fine tune your on-line presence, look no further.
— Nicoleta Simionescu, Always Financial

Things I can help you out with


Lead Generation

Educational and promotional material that attracts leads from ads (including native), sponsored posts, and similar online and offline strategies.

Sales Pages

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Short, medium, or long form sales pages that get the sale by persuading, motivating, and exciting the reader. 

Video Sales Letters

VSL scripts that captures the voice of your product or service in an attention grabbing message that pleases the eyes and ears.


Email Marketing

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Personal, one-on-one messages that establish a bond between you and your reader via newsletters, promotions, or casual and friendly rapport building updates. 


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Take advantage of automation, open loops, and additional online marketing systems that run themselves, so you can automate your lead gen, nurturing, and sales sequences.

Website Conversions

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Website not getting the response you want? Let's fix that. After working with hundreds of websites, I'm keen to what works -- and what doesn't. 


Landing Pages

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If you're running an ad to your homepage, don't. I can help you create a focused page that's dedicated to one goal: getting the conversion.

Marketing Consulting

Sometimes you don't know what'll work best for your business. That's okay. I can help you find the "hidden" assets in your business, so you can leverage them to grow.

Sales Funnels

Imagine if you inserted $1 dollar in a machine and you gave you back $3. This is how a proper sales funnel works. I can help you build a "machine" that sells your product or service.  


does All this sound good to you?

Then click the button below to start a conversation about your project -- thanks!

Raymond gave me piece of mind that I was headed in the right direction but also told me the fastest way to get to where I wanted to be. A knowledgable and creative review of my site helped me hone in on what needs fixing so I can show my audience what I can do for them. I felt like good know that a skilled professional was taking a look at my work. I felt even better with a roadmap of where to head next.
— Matt Jared

Why Hire Me?

Why Hire Me?


Why Hire Me?

Why Hire Me?

Fast Service

Once we go through my 3-step hiring process, I immediately get to work. This means you will get your copy back in the shortest amount of time possible. No waiting for weeks (unless it's a HUGE project). No delays. And absolutely no slacking on my part. I normally give you an email update ever 2-3 days, so you can never have to wonder, "Are my needs being taken care of?" 

Experienced in Dozens of Markets

Even though I approach each project as a "blank slate", I have worked in all types of industries. This is good for you because I know what's worked (and what hasn't) in multiple scenarios. Plus, since I've worked over 25 jobs, I have a great deal of "real world" experience. I love tackling new problems. New niches interest me. As my client, my enthusiasm for life reflects in the copy, regardless of your market.

Frictionless Onboarding Process

My simple 3-step hiring system makes starting your project easy. After completing a Project Inquiry, I get back to you within one (1) business day with my process, timeframe, and cost estimate. From there, there's only a minor amount of back and forth before I start. Hiring a copywriter for your projects doesn't get easier than this. Plus, as our relationship develops, your needs will be met quicker because we know each other better. It's a win-win for the both of us.


3-Step Hiring Process

Simply Follow The 3-Step Process On This Page to Get Started

View Project Inquiry


3-Step Hiring Process

Simply Follow The 3-Step Process On This Page to Get Started

View Project Inquiry

here's how to get me to write your direct response copy


Here's the simple 3-step process I've created to make hiring me as frictionless as possible. 


Complete a Project Inquiry that tells me some basic information about yourself and your business.


I will reply to your Project Inquiry with one (1) business day. 

In my first email reply to you, I will...

  1. Give you suggestions for moving forward.
    • This means you get free advice before we start, so you can understand my level of expertise about direct response copywriting.
  2. Tell you the exact process I will use for helping you.
    • This means you will know in advance what I can and will do for you, including a time frame estimate.
  3. Provide a cost estimate for my services. 
    • This means you get a ballpark figure of the entire investment, so you can know your cost before I begin the project.

If you agree to my suggestions, process, and cost, then we'll move to step 3.

(Note: there is no exchange of payment at this time; just a verbal agreement about these three things in step 2.)

step 3

By agreeing to my suggestions, process, and costs, I will email you back with:

  1. A link to my Questionnaire Extraordinaire  an online form asks you specific questions about your business (the information on this form provides 95% of what I need to write your copy).
  2. A private link to schedule a 1-on-1 on chat — this 15-30 minute chat allows us to ask each other questions before I begin work. 

Now... up until this point, there's been zero money exchanged.

You are more than welcome to change your mind — and in fact, I'd prefer you do so if you feel I "strong armed" you in any way. 

My simple 3-step process is engineered to give us both the information we need, while saving us the maximum amount of time. 

To get started, go fill out this Project Inquiry.

how payments work

I work under a standard freelancer agreement of 50% of the agreed upon amount upfront, and the remainder sent upon project completion.