Click me to read my story.

Click me to read my story.

I'm a 32 year old Copywriter and Casual Longshoreman from Carson, California. I live on my own and work mostly virtually. I've written copy many products and services. I prefer to write direct response style copy, which is copy that leads a reader into making a buying decision as the copy is read.

I also enjoy writing autoresponder series, VSL scripts, Amazon product descriptions, and landing pages. Keep scrolling to hear more about copywriting, or click here to read my about page.

What Exactly is Copywriting? 

Despite what you think, copywriting has little to do with words. Copywriting is...


Copywriting is what smart business owners use to maximize conversions. As a copywriter, I look at sales funnels and fix leaks, so the bottom line increases.


Copywriting is tapping into the needs of the market. As a copywriter, I analyze the competition and study proven best practices for creating content that converts. 


Copywriting is understanding the human brain. As a copywriter, I invest time in learning about what makes people make the decisions they make.